New series partner ZF unveiled at press conference at season opener. CEO Odendhal visited the site.

New series partner ZF unveiled at press conference at season opener. CEO Odendhal visited the site.

On April 7th, 2013, a press conference was held at Okayama International Circuit where the season opener was held to announce new partnership with ZF Friedrichshafen AG as SUPER GT’s 2013 series partner. Norbert Odendahl (Center, photo above), CEO of ZF Race Engineering GmbH, and Moritz Noding (Right, photo above), Manager, Head of Motorsports Sponsoring and Press Commucations ZF Group, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, participated the announcement along with Masaaki Bandoh (Left, photo above), Chairman of GTA, who appeared on behalf of entire SUPER GT family.
With the partnership, ZF’s corporate logo will appear on SUPER GT related media as well as PR artifacts created for each event along with SUPER GT’s logotype. A ZF logo will also be seen at the bottom of car number sticker placed on all SUPER GT race cars.

CEO Odendahl commented, “We are participating the SUPER GT as a series partner this year. Our current objective is to enhance image and recognition of ZF outside of Europe especially in the motorsports industry in Japan. The unification of technical regulations of DTM and SUPER GT from 2014 is a very interesting and beneficial opportunity to our company. SUPER GT, the largest and most popular “Hako” (sedan type car) racing in Asia, is the best place to showcase the technology and innvoation of our products.” He explained the significance of the partnership.
In response to the address made by CEO Odendahl, GTA Chairman Bandoh said, “SUPER GT is entering twentieth year since inauguration and it has grown into the most popular race in Asia. In GT500, the technical regulation will be unified with DTM from 2014, and the GT300 will tie up with the Asian Le Mans as well as partner with various racing series in different Asian countries, which all are indication of our continuous commitment to develop globally. The partnership with ZF, which is one of the prominent enterprises in Germany with a 100 year history, is a huge success for SUPER GT. All vehicles in GT500 class will use a clutch manufactured by ZF from next year and beyond. I am looking forward to corporate mutually to raise ZF’s recognition in Japan as well as Asia and to further improve our series.” He emphasized how beneficial the partnership will be to both parties.



ZF operates factories in 120 countries worldwide, and boasts top revenue in industry after Bosch, Denso, and Aisin. It is one of the top automobile parts suppliers in the world which specializes in drive-train and chassis related components. ZF has also been proactive in supplying parts to motorsports and has a history of almost 100 years. From early as in 1930’s, it has extensively supplied products to Mercedes-Benz, known as “Sliver Arrow,” to the current Ferrari in F1, Volkswagen in WRC, Audi in WEC/Le Mans 24 Hour, and DTM. Porsche and BMW are also opting ZF products. ZF’s transmission and shock absorbers, under its brand “SACHS,” have been used by not only the champion teams but also motorsports enthusiasts for the quality and reliability.